Pray to the Creator
the cycle


Xian Sheng

Important Dates

4 October 1976 Stripe

This is the date that the Prayer to Pray to the Creator was revealed to Xian Sheng. It marks the start of our spiritual movement in earnest.

Every 4th October we celebrate this most important day of our spiritual movement by holding an anniversary celebration dinner. This marks our Spiritual New Year. Prior to that, visits are made to all followers’ homes on 3rd October.

[3rd October – Visitation and praying for each home]

The eve of our Spiritual New Year is spent to spread spiritual awareness to all followers. Individually we should reflect on how we have performed in our examination in life for the last year. Most importantly, we should ask ourselves how much good have we done throughout the year.

On 3rd October each year, for example in Singapore, we would gather at our Holy Hall in Sophia Road to kneel down to pray to the Creator then sing the Prayer, after which the Singapore committee will organize groups to visit homes of followers in areas such as Central, East, West and North Singapore.

During visits, the group will sing the Prayer upon arrival and pray for blessings for the occupants of the home. The representative of the Council or the group’s appointee will then present our anniversary card to the family and spend some time to keep them updated with the latest developments in our spiritual movement. The Prayer will be sung once more before leaving to visit the next home.

[4th October – Anniversary celebration dinner]

The anniversary celebration dinner on 4th October is open to all. Followers are encouraged to bring along their family and friends. The activities are typically marked by a speech made by the representative of the Council of Elders, Co-Elders and Area Coordinating Counselors. Celebrative activities such as children dance and choir performance will also be in the program. The end of the celebration will be highlighted by singing of the Prayer to Pray to the Creator by all followers present in the anniversary dinner.


6th August 1936 blt

6th August 1936 is Xian Sheng’s birth date. When Xian Sheng was alive we celebrated his birthday with him and as always it was our pleasure for us to invite Xian Sheng to make a speech. Throughout the years Xian Sheng tells us that he treats everyday as his birthday and he will be equally happy everyday. However he adds that the day he will truly celebrate his birthday is on the day he returns to the plane of Nothing. He will be at his happiest then.

From that, Xian Sheng gives us a very good example for us to follow regarding the outlook of life and after life. While life is real, afterlife is reality. He provides us with the perspective that we should keep a positive outlook on life, while looking forward to a good afterlife.

[6th August – Commemoration of Xian Sheng’s birth]

Now that Xian Sheng has returned to the plane of Nothing, we continue to commemorate the day he was born on Earth. We mark this day by a gathering with activities that include dinner, viewing of Xian Sheng’s video recordings, a speech by a representative of the Council and more.


5th June 2000 Stripe
After nearly 64 years on Earth and 24 years of guiding us on how to pray to the Creator, Xian Sheng left this Earthly plane and returned to the plane of Nothing on 5th June 2000.

[5th June – Memorial of Xian Sheng’s return to the plane of Nothing]

We hold similar gatherings as the commemoration of Xian Sheng’s birth except that we mark this date as our independence day. This is the date from which our examination in life truly starts.
Xian Sheng was always viewed as a teacher guiding us along with his sermons and our personal encounter with him. An analogy of this is like a student learning for a term with the guidance of a teacher. During the examination, the teacher is no longer available to assist. Similarly, a part of Xian Sheng’s consciousness is left behind in his teachings and we are now armed with this to complete our examination in life.


Regular Activities blt
Anyone from any race, religion or social status is welcome to participate in any of our activities such as our weekly Spiritual Discussion, Annual Spiritual Discussion, Spiritual Meditation sessions, Council meetings and others. The following describes some of those activities. For the exact schedule, please refer to the monthly activity program leaflet distributed from time to time or refer to our website


[Spiritual Discussion]

Weekly spiritual discussions are held on various days and locations throughout Malaysia and Singapore. When Xian Sheng was alive, these spiritual discussions were the best opportunity to interact and learn from Xian Sheng. Some followers have made audio and video recordings of these sessions. The recordings that have been transferred to CDs and DVDs are now available. Our contact details are at the end of this booklet.

The discussion is not limited to any specific subject. There are no taboos or restriction and any subject can be discussed. While anyone may query or criticize Xian Sheng on any issues, he requested to be given the same opportunity to reply.

During discussion all participants are encouraged to voice their opinion or input. Xian Sheng did occasionally guide us towards a conclusion on an issue if there was any confusion but he encouraged us to learn to form our own conclusion on any subject. Generally, the conclusion would contain elements related to spirituality.

Now the spiritual discussions take a more organized format of presentation. Anyone may request from the Council’s representative to present a topic. After the presentation, all participants are requested to comment on the presentation. Once again, no restrictions are imposed on what comment can be made or questions that can be asked. A consensus will be sought from the discussion and a conclusion recorded. When there is no consensus amongst the participants, then the issue may be brought forward to as many discussions as required for consensus to be built.
The objective of the weekly spiritual discussion is for followers to:

  • Equip ourselves with more spiritual knowledge for the examination in life
  • Learn to integrate spiritual awareness into our daily lives

[Introduction for new followers]

Once a month an introduction presentation for new and existing followers will be conducted on topics such as what is the meaning of praying to the Creator, marriage, obsequy, the cycle of reincarnation and other basic spiritual knowledge.

Similar format to the spiritual discussion, we welcome any comments or queries from all present. Priority will be given to anyone new to our spiritual movement.


[Spiritual Meditation]

At the beginning of our spiritual movement, much of the revelation that Xian Sheng received was from his astral travels during his sleep and meditation. It was from his astral travels that he learnt of meditation and started conducting meditation sessions at the end of his sermons when he started preaching.

Through these meditation sessions in the early years of our spiritual movement, many followers had the opportunity to encounter out of body experience. Some of the experience includes the soul leaving the body and going to heaven and hell.

The realizations achieved from these experiences are namely the realization of the existence of heaven, hell and the soul. We conduct meditation sessions with that objective in mind. An experience that allows a soul to leave, turn around and look at the body would be sufficient for the person encountering it to realize the existence of the soul.

Anyone may participate in our meditation sessions. A brief description of our meditation conduct is as follows:

  • Supervised meditation provides an aura of protection over the participants. Therefore meditation using our method must not be conducted without supervision.
  • The meditation is primarily intended to allow the soul to leave the body and go to another spiritual plane; thus it is conducted in silence with the eyes closed, without any interaction with other participants and with little or no disturbance.


[Annual Spiritual Discussion]

This event is held at the end of each year during a period when it is the easiest for followers to find three days away from work. Held in either Malaysia or Singapore, its objectives are:

  • To allow new and existing followers to learn in depth about praying to the Creator and;
  • To build and strengthen relationship amongst followers from across Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

Typically an offsite or stay-in location such as Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is chosen to detach ourselves from the distractions at home. For this discussion, followers are separated into language groups and into teams within the group with a facilitator appointed by the organizing committee in each team. Topics for in depth discussion are focused, such as discussing the cycle of reincarnation over two and a half days. At the end of each sub-topic, each team will form a conclusion. The teams’ conclusion will then be gathered for discussion in the group level. Finally all the language groups will present their conclusion when everyone gathers at the end of the Annual Spiritual Discussion.

The children group may have the same format and topic but the issues are discussed at an elementary level with interactive games built around the main topic or theme.

The above is just a brief description of the event. While actual program and activities may vary from time to time, the objective remains the same. At the end of the Annual Spiritual Discussion, the Council of Elders, Co-Elders and Area Coordination Counselors will hold one of the biannual Council meeting.

[Council Meetings] blt

Council members spread across Malaysia and Singapore. Whilst the Kuala Lumpur Council members hold monthly meetings, biannual Council meetings are held to congregate all members across the two countries for decision making at that level. One meeting is held at the end of the year after the Annual Spiritual Discussion and the other meeting held to coincide with the 5th June memorial of Xian Sheng’s return to the plane of Nothing. All these meetings are open to any followers as observers and if time permits, for anyone to give feedback or voice opinion.

Issues discussed and decisions made vary from the year’s activity plan to more mundane administrative task of reviewing the year’s expenditure. Any Council member may in advance, put up topics for discussion and resolution. When time permits, issues that were not brought up in advance may be discussed in any other matters.


[Fasting] blt

It is compulsory for mature followers to perform fasting without food and water for a minimum of 24 hours anytime in the month of October. Additionally we are encouraged to perform an optional 24 hours fast on the 1st and 15th of every month in the lunar calendar. Mature followers are defined as women and men who are respectively 18 years and 21 years and above.
For every 24 hours of successful fast, each follower is entitled to contribute three Singapore Dollars (SGD $3) towards our movement’s spiritual charity fund. For example after fasting on three separate days of 24 hours each within October, the follower may donate SGD $9. The 24 hours fasting is compulsory, however the corresponding donation although recommended is not compulsory.

The SGD $3 amount is equivalent to three meals in Singapore. In Malaysia, we have the similar equivalent of three Malaysian Ringgit (RM 3) to three meals. The figure is benchmarked against the minimum amount of money not spent for three meals in 24 hours. This figure is to maintain a level of equality for all who wish to participate in this spiritual effort. The donation amount may seem low at first glance but the reason will become apparent when explained in the cultural reasons for fasting below.

It is worthy to note here that this fasting-donation requirement is purely voluntary and honor based. We do not verify if any fasting is successfully completed. We are left to our own conscience to claim a successful day of fasting and its eligibility for giving donation.

Every year the Council of Elders, Co-Elders and Area Coordinating Counselors will make deliberations on which charitable organization to give the accumulated donations to. We do not align ourselves to any specific charitable organization and take care to spread the donation across as many types of organizations as possible. The spiritual charity fund is not used for any other purpose. For example in the last 3 years we have donated not less than RM5000 to organizations such as: Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Klang (Klang Society for the Care of Disabled Children), Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Hulu Langat (Hulu Langat Society for Children with Special Needs) and Singapore Red Cross Society. We currently have RM10,000 collectively in Malaysia and Singapore ready for the Council to disburse to charitable organizations.

The reasons for fasting are separated into social, cultural, economic, political and spiritual perspectives.

[Social Perspective]

Social responsibility
Fasting will allow a glimpse of the hardships endured in much of the society around the world. For example the famished masses could be from the homeless in any country, the refugees of a war torn region or simply from a famine of a mismanaged, corrupted and impoverished country. From fasting we will realize that as part of this world, we must participate in efforts to eliminate poverty and famine.

Social health benefits
Regular fasting is well known to contribute to health such as detoxification, longevity and improvement in the immune system. Fasting will allow our entire body’s digestive system to take a break and reset itself. Thus the digestive system will be in a renewed state ever ready to best digest and absorb nutrients at the end of the fast. With these improvements in health, the society at large will benefit from the longer productive lives of those who fast. Individual benefits from longevity and better health are needless to name.

[Cultural Perspective]

Culture of equality
Commercialism in today’s world of haves and have not has drifted many away from the concept of equality. Some of the rich and powerful may make equality seem like a forgotten principle. However meritocracy when practiced correctly may allow many to succeed in life provided the society adopts a culture of equality. Equality means abolishing practices of discrimination based on any background except for one’s ability.

Our spiritual movement plays a part in creating this culture by stating that everyone with the exception of the severely mentally retarded, who does not possess conscience, must go through an examination in life. The result of this examination in life would determine whether the soul will have a good afterlife or not. In other words, the amount of good and kind actions in life rather than status in life would be an important factor.

An extension of this equality concept is through our fasting-donation eligibility requirements. Regardless of anyone’s status in life, rich and poor alike, the only way to be able to donate into our movement’s spiritual charity fund is through 24 hours of fasting without food and water. The more a person fast, the more can be donated.

The above also serves to explain why we have set a low figure of RM 3 or SGD $3 that may be donated from every 24 hours of fast. This is to encourage low income earners to fast and donate meanwhile practicing equality for all followers, wealthy or otherwise.

Culture of survival, determination and endurance
We fast with the intention of focusing on the human spirit of survival and endurance.

We hear miraculous stories of human survival in natural calamities such as those who lived in trapped conditions for more than a week. Sadly these stories are few and far between in the backdrop of earthquakes that claim thousands of lives.

In this case, under certain conditions regular fasting will increase the chances of survival in conjunction with little basic planning. With regular fasting, we gain confidence that the body can survive for more than 3 days without food and water. In a collapsed building, if we are fortunate enough to be trapped with a small amount of food and water, we can ration these to spread across blocks of 3 days of fasting. For example a loaf of bread and a bottle of water could last for 4 blocks of 3 days of fasting. This is an equivalent to 12 days of survival with little food and water.

When trapped in conditions of no food and water, a person who fast regularly can still be rest assured of lasting longer than those who are inexperienced. With the higher level of confidence, the body will be subject to less anxiety and stress when faced with a situation of no food and water. This person will last longer through less consumption of the body’s energy reserve e.g. from body mass.

When faced with such situation above we ask followers not to give up and continually fight for survival even if we have to fast for extended periods until the body succumbs. This mettle of survival, determination and endurance will finally translate to a culture. This culture of survival, determination and endurance within our spiritual movement will not only apply in times of natural disasters, but also in our daily and long term strive towards praying to the Creator with our mind, body and soul.

[Economic Perspective]

In countries such as Singapore or Malaysia we are fortunate enough to economically afford a relatively large fluctuation in food process. Followers will realize the true value of food while fasting. This experience can be contrasted against countries that are at the brink of chaos due to inflation of food prices. Families that can barely survive on a day’s wage are now faced with the catastrophe of insufficient amount of food that can be bought with the same amount of money.

Contribution to the spiritual charity fund will be looked at in a different light if reflection is made on the various economic difficulties faced by many third world countries today. For example every capable adult on earth can fast for a day. We can then decide to donate a dollar each (saved from fasting) to a world food fund. This fund would have easily collected more than one billion dollars. This fund in turn will be more than sufficient to buy emergency food aid for an impoverished country with a population of a hundred million and possibly fund a comprehensive long term food production program in the same country.

Economic sense of good allocation of resources also means reducing wastage. A small percentage of reduction of food wastage across the world will surely translate to ample food supply for a small nation.

[Political Perspective]

Followers are encouraged to participate in their country’s political and nation building process. For example Xian Sheng asks that followers become members of any political party of their choice. The democratic process is even allowed to take place in our spiritual discussion; members of opposing political parties but yet followers of our spiritual movement are allowed to bring their political points of view to an organized debate. In this process, all present will get acquainted with the issues that affect the nation. Each may take their own stand and are encouraged to vote according to their own conscience. Issues that affect a nation varies in levels of priority but humanitarian issues either local or global should be given special attention to. Famine is one of such.

Famine created by natural and man made causes can be avoided in any part of this world if we unite as one. We are not only citizens of our respective countries; we are citizens of earth with global responsibilities. Besides charitable, emergency relief organizations or activist groups; leaders of the world and everyone can and must do their part to prevent famine in any part of this world. Hence the political process; followers who belong to political parties may participate in the political process to bring about change for the better wherever they may be.

Fasting in essence connects us to those who are suffering unnecessarily due to food shortage. Realizing this, we must accept responsibility and react accordingly.

[Spiritual Perspective]

Of all the perspective, the spiritual perspective is the most important. Fasting is more than just about not consuming anything. It is also about controlling our emotions and actions that results in abstinence and doing good deeds while avoiding bad deeds.

We do not state every action to abstain from; however as a guide the following are examples of activities abstained during fasting: Smoking or any form of substance abuse, gambling and sexual intercourse.

Our emotional state is subjected to various external and internal influences such as events around us, interaction with people, the environment, our physical wellbeing and mental condition. During fasting, we are required to identify and understand these factors that influence us.

We strive to persevere and be patient no matter what the circumstance may be during fasting. This is also part of abstinence. We also recognize that bad deeds may be performed because of anger; hence we take the opportunity during fasting to pay special attention to patience and perseverance. From repeated times of fasting it is intended that we would adopt patience and perseverance into our daily lives.

Some other fasting spiritual goals are:

  • Realizing past mistakes, identifying our undesired traits and changing for the better;
  • Moving away from performing bad deeds;
  • Performing more good deeds;
  • Praying for God’s forgiveness while we make lasting changes in our lives.

Frequently explained by Xian Sheng, food is the nourishment for our body and fasting is the nourishment for our soul. Thus regular fasting will count towards assisting us to pray with our soul. During fasting our attention towards doing good deeds and avoiding bad deeds should rightfully be heightened. With regular fasting and over time, the mind, body and finally the soul would have been ingrained within themselves the need to do more good over bad.

[October Fasting Period]

Within this period of one month, a 24 hours fast is compulsory as stated above. Experienced followers may optionally fast up to 48 or 72 hours continuously. For example a fast from 7pm, 10th to 7pm, 13th October would constitute a continuous 72 hours fast.

Those who may not be able to fast continuously but are determined to attain a higher achievement than a 24 hours fast may break up the 48 or 72 hours to fast 24 hours each on two or three non-consecutive days. For example one may decide to fast 24 hours each from 1st to 2nd, 7th to 8th and 14th to 15th October. Cumulatively this will be equivalent to a 72 hours continuous fast.

Although one may choose fasting on any day within the month of October, the 1st or the 15th of the lunar calendar month would be the recommended dates. This is because of the benefits as stated below in the spiritual reasons to fast on the 1st or the 15th of the lunar calendar month.
Alternatively a fasting veteran may aim for the maximum number of five days to fast during this October period. For this case in example, fasting will be conducted on:

  • 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar month (Two days) and;
  • Three days within the month of October that does not coincide with the 1st or 15th mentioned above.

The flexibility built into the October fasting period is to allow both novice and veteran followers to choose from varying degrees of difficulty with the objective of accumulating most number of fasting days. More number of days fasted translate to more opportunities to donate towards the spiritual charity fund and ultimately accumulating more spiritual rewards of fasting.

Since 4th October is the date for our spiritual new year, October is aptly chosen as the month to allot focus on fasting and spirituality.

[Regular fasting period of 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar month]

The opportunity to reap the spiritual and other benefits of fasting is also available in the other months of the year. The recommended time for this recurring fasting event is from 7pm to 7pm on the 1st and 15th of each lunar calendar month which corresponds to new and full moon respectively. For example if the 15th (full moon) of the lunar calendar month fall on a 20th January, the recommended period to fast is from 7pm, 19th January (Full moon’s eve) to 7pm, 20th January (Full moon).

While these fasts and the corresponding donation of RM 3 or SGD $3 for each 24 hours fasted are recommended, both are not compulsory. Participation in these regular fasting sessions will prepare our stamina and endurance for an attempt at 72 consecutive hours of fasting in the month of October.

From the spiritual perspective of fasting stated above, we know that one of the objectives is to develop patience and perseverance. This opportunity is made abundant at these fortnightly fasting events with a reasonable interval. The 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar month is chosen not only because of that, but also because of the moon’s relative position and its opposing gravitational effects on our human body. Statistical and sociological studies have been made to prove or disprove this notion. So far while some studies suggest that moon phases have effects on human behavior, there are others that dispute it.

Nevertheless it is through Xian Sheng’s spiritual insight we realize that our emotional state may be influenced by environmental factors such as the position of the moon in relation to us. This is not to suggest that we are at its mercy. Actually it is with the opposite intention. As with any weaknesses, we must identify them and seek redress. In our case, by recognizing that the moon’s gravitational forces may affect us emotionally, we address the issue by confronting it with fasting.

Similarly in metaphysics, astrology wants us to believe that the cosmos has effects on our lives. In our spiritual movement we seek to eliminate and move away from these superstitious practices or influence by way of fasting.

From Xian Sheng’s teaching, we know that we are masters of our psyche and ultimately responsible for our actions no matter what emotional influence we are subject to. In other words, our fasting objective is to enhance our self control to the extent that we limit or eliminate any external factors from controlling our emotion to a detrimental effect.

Below are three benefits for allocating the specific timing of 7pm to 7pm fast:

  • Firstly it will allow us to gather at one location to break fast at the same time. We know that the strength of the prayer will be better when we pray at the same time. While fasting, praying from the same location at the same time will give us that added boost to the strength of our prayer. This will surely outweigh the benefits of breaking fast individually in terms of timing and location.
  • Secondly, the timing is to create the conditions of least effort to fast in. This is because in reality only two meals i.e. breakfast and lunch will be abstained during this period.
  • Lastly, when breaking fast together, the group may pool the effort to purchase, prepare and cook for all who break fast at the same location and at the same time.

Fasting may not be compatible with certain type of physically demanding profession, and when consulted by followers who wish to fast but on some other timing or days; Xian Sheng’s reply provides us with a good perspective; “Earlier is better than late, late is better than never, but the best is on time.”


[Blood Donation] blt

We realize that our body is just a shell that the soul occupies for a temporary period until the body withers and dies. The soul would live on in the spiritual plane. While we should take care of this body that God has given us, we understand that after death our body and its organs will be of no relevance to our soul. We do not have any restriction on blood donation. With the correct interval, blood donation will improve our body’s blood production ability. With that in mind, we encourage able followers to participate in blood and organ donation to assist those who are in need.

Every year during the month of Ramadan, we will organize a blood donation drive at the National Blood Bank, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We choose this Muslim month of fasting to boost up the country’s blood bank supply in anticipation of its lower reserve.

Besides altruistic intentions we incorporate spiritual goals for this event. Prior to donating blood, we would kneel down to collectively pray and request God for the following:

  • To give the recipients of our blood a smooth recovery from their medical condition;
  • To give our blood recipient good consciousness; for the good to be even better and for the bad to become good. For example, if a robber were to receive our blood, we hope that good consciousness carried by the blood will influence the robber to change to become a good person;
  • To give realization of the existence of the soul, heaven, hell and the Creator to all who receive our blood.

Similarly we organize organ donation pledges periodically for the same altruistic-spiritual goals.