Pray to the Creator
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Xian Sheng

The acceptance of Praying to the Creator Stripe

Anyone can start to kneel down, face skyward with the eyes open, to pray to the Creator. No detailed instruction is required. When asked by new followers after a spiritual healing session, “What should I say when I pray?” Xian Sheng would simply reply, “Just say thank you God”

After a period of time of attending the activities of our spiritual movement, you may request in private from any Elder to be fully accepted as a follower of our Spiritual Movement. You will then be interviewed and assessed by a representative of the Council of Elders, Co-elders and Area Coordinating Counselors.

Although the terms of the assessment are not fixed and are varied on a case by case basis, the following criteria should be met:

  1. You should not be Praying to the Creator for any reason except for truly understanding the objective of our Spiritual Movement. For example, one should not seek acceptance because of any family member’s coercion or for non-spiritual or material gains,
  2. You should have learnt about other religions and have decided that praying to the Creator is still your best choice,
  3. You should choose to be accepted into our Spiritual Movement on your own free will and do not have any doubts about any of our Spiritual Movement’s beliefs, and practices,
  4. You should be aware of our movement’s past of government prosecution, our court victory thereafter and other malicious attacks on Xian Sheng,
  5. You understand and fully accept the Spiritual Guidelines. For example, in the Sexual guideline, you are not permitted to have more than one husband or wife or participate in prostitution. In the Fasting guideline you are to adhere to a twenty-four hour obligatory fasting without food or water annually,
  6. You accept Xian Sheng as the Disciple of God and the Deliverer of all unclean spirits,
  7. You understand and accept that it is a serious sin to accept praying to the Creator and then later rejecting it for any reason; BUT yet you must understand and accept that you RETAIN the right to leave our movement at anytime after acceptance.

Once the Council is satisfied that the above and other case by case criteria are met, a ceremony of acceptance will be carried out. A minimum of five brothers and five sisters, who are already accepted as followers, are required to pray to the Creator together with you for the ceremony. All involved are required to be dressed in white.

All requests for acceptance and the assessment process will be kept confidential unless otherwise requested. Similarly, any rejection will be kept private and the reason of rejection explained with care and in detail. There is no limit to the number of request for acceptance by anyone.