Pray to the Creator
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Xian Sheng

The Disciple of God and the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirit

Our spiritual leader is Xian Sheng (Mr.) Chew Choon Ming also known as Teacher. He was born in Ipoh a town north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1936. Xian Sheng completed his further education with a Teaching Certificate from the Day Training College, Kuala Lumpur in 1960. Active in extra-curricular activities from the time in College, Xian Sheng continued to contribute to the teaching profession by becoming the Secretary General of the Malayan Teachers’ Union in the years 1966-1967 and 1969-1970. Other note worthy contributions are: A Director in the Board of Directors, Teachers’ Provident fund, Malaysia (1968-1970); Chairman, Salaries Committee, National Joint Council for Teachers, Malaysia (1969).  He held various other positions in other non-governmental organizations contributing to the society.

His contribution to the teaching community culminated with the award of First Class Distinguished Service Medal by the Peninsular Malaysia’s National Union of College Trained Teachers in 1987 (Pingat Khidmat Cemerlang Kelas Satu, Kesatuan Kebangsaan Guru-Guru Lepasan Maktab, Semenanjung Malaysia.) Nevertheless Xian Sheng’s satisfaction was watching the lives of his students change for the better through his guidance.

For a period of six months in 1976, Xian Sheng went through a series of astral travels and out of body experiences whenever he went to sleep. During that period he saw Heaven, Hell and learnt of other dimensions. Through these revelations he discovered that his soul was from the plane of Nothing and that he was given the title:  the Disciple of God and the Deliverer of all unclean spirits. In 4th October 1976, Xian Sheng received the Prayer to Pray to the Creator.

Subsequent to the revelations Xian Sheng discovered that he had the ability to show others Heaven and Hell through meditation and other means. In the early years, the attraction of many towards our spiritual movement was to witness the healing powers that Xian Sheng discovered from his astral travel. Although he was able to cure many of the ill, he maintained that God created doctors to attend to our illness and for us to seek his help only after all avenues are exhausted.

His ability to perform miracles was a source of attraction for our spiritual movement in the beginning. Miracles that Xian Sheng performed are secondary as he would tell us frequently that he discovered the following are more important:

  1. Realizing that we all have souls,
  2. We go through an examination in life and we die to live,
  3. Although life is real, life after death is reality,
  4. To have a good afterlife, we need to learn about Praying to the Creator.

After almost 24 years of showing us the path of Praying to the Creator, on 5th June 2000 Xian Sheng passed away and his soul returned to the plane of Nothing. The plane of Nothing as described by Xian Sheng, is a dimension beyond heaven, hell or other dimensions created by God. The plane of Nothing is the first dimension created by God, from which everything else was created.