Pray to the Creator
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Our name above translates to: Pray to the Creator Universal Spiritual Movement. The word BAITIANGONG is derived from the Chinese characters “ 拜天公”. These characters’ equivalent in Hanyu Pinyin (Standard Mandarin Romanization) are “Bài Tiān Gōng”. The word BAITIANGONG is an amalgamation of the Hanyu Pinyin words: “Bài Tiān Gōng”.


Pray to the Creator s

We use the word Creator interchangeably with the word God. All the words combined from every dictionary in every language cannot define what God is, but we can try to comprehend what is the creation of God and deduce where God could possibly be.

The God we pray to is the Creator who created:

a. Us, intelligent beings;
b. The entire physical universe and all the elements within;
c. All dimensions including spiritual planes such as heaven and hell;
d. All and more than that.

We realize that the Creator is not a part of its creation and from this notion understand that the Creator is beyond its creation.

So our physical act of Praying means kneeling down, facing skywards with our hands clasped together and eyes open. From this posture we project our brainwaves carrying our thoughts and prayers to go beyond this universe and beyond God’s creation to reach God.

Similarly in other languages: Yahweh, 老天爷, 天公, Dieu, Dios, Tuhan and more refers to the one Creator that we are worshipping.


Universal s

Praying to the Creator is Universal and meant for everyone regardless of race, culture, creed or social class. “Universal” also signifies the existence of Praying to the Creator since time immemorial not only in this physical universe but also in other realm that was created by God. This Spiritual Movement is merely to re-acquaint us to the ideals of Praying to the Creator.


Spiritual Movement s

“Spiritual Movement” reflects upon the spiritual changes or more accurately, spiritual recourse towards the origin i.e. “Going back to the basics”. It is the movement towards the understanding of the need to Pray to the Creator, to pass the examination in life and leaving the vicious cycle of reincarnation. The cycle of reincarnation is explained in later chapters.

We promote praying to the Creator with an analytical mind and logical thinking. We uphold the principles of freedom of thought and choice. Any interested person may attend our weekly discussions without any obligation. Followers are accepted only after they truly understand what it means to Pray to the Creator but even then retain the freedom of choice to leave anytime they want to.

We do not believe in indoctrination as opposed to our encouragement of any potential followers to study religion as a whole before deciding that we are the spiritual movement of their choice. This means that if one believes that becoming a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or any other religion is better than our spiritual movement, then we encourage the person to go ahead to embrace his/her preference. Even followers who have left and wish to return back to our spiritual movement are welcome.

Interested persons who wish to become followers of our spiritual movement will be guided to the path of:

Praying to the Creator with the mind, body and soul;
Fearing nothing except God;
Thinking good, seeing good, hearing good, speaking good and doing good;
Learning and adhering to the rest of the Spiritual Guidelines.

The end objective to this effort is for our souls to go to heaven after our life on earth.