Pray to the Creator
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Xian Sheng

Praying to the Creator Stripe

The above photograph shows the physical act of praying to the Creator with the following features:

  1. Eyes open, with an unobstructed view towards the sky
  2. Hands clasped at the chest (solar plexus area)
  3. Kneeling
  4. Footwear removed and soles of feet facing upwards
  5. No prayers spoken aloud, thoughts used only

Although we are free to project any thoughts during prayer, besides any supplications (prayer request) we have for God, the following are parts which may be included in our prayers:

    1. Asking God for the Saints in Heaven to be given a better place in Heaven
    2. Asking God for forgiveness of our sins and our ancestors’ sins
    3. the Prayer to Pray to the Creator

A majority of our followers are converts from idolatry beliefs which include ancestral worshipping and worshipping of idols of presumed saints. As a method to guide these worshippers towards praying to the Creator, Xian Sheng persuaded idol worshippers to pray to God to ask for forgiveness of their ancestors and for blessings for the saints in Heaven.

As we know God is our ultimate caregiver and provider, only God can forgive our ancestors if any of them is in Hell and only God can let the saints have a better place in Heaven. Thus instead of praying to, we pray for the wellbeing of our ancestors who are in hell and saints in Heaven.
Nevertheless Xian Sheng had never placed any restriction on what we wish to pray for or what we must pray for. Often, when praying to God for the very first time after a healing session, one would ask Xian Sheng what to do to pray to God? Xian Sheng’s reply will invariably be for that person to kneel down, face skywards with the eyes open and hands clasped at the chest and just simply say, “Thank you God.”

Before being accepted into our spiritual movement, each follower will learn that praying to the Creator with the mind, body and soul is the path to heaven. The last two chapters of this booklet will describe briefly what is praying to the Creator with our mind, body and soul and how can one be accepted into our movement.