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Xian Sheng

The Cycle of Reincarnation

Examination in life Stripe

Examination in Life

Our understanding indicates that during our lifetime, we will collect good and bad deeds as we go through an examination in life. We believe that each of us has a soul and that our soul will live on in the spiritual dimension after our physical body dies. The actions during our lifetime will affect the outcome of our life after death on earth.


Negative Result Stripe

The negative result

For example a person who has been a thief all his life may have collected more bad deeds than good deeds. For that, the thief's soul may have to go to a negative plane, commonly known as hell.


Reincarnation Stripe


The soul in the negative plane may have to spend an appropriate amount of time there before returning to the examination plane e.g. The soul may be reincarnated to Earth as a human.

At this stage the soul will start life anew with a clean slate as though this person has never committed any bad deeds in the past.


Positive Result and Praying to the Creator Stripe


Once again this person will go through the examination in life. She may do good and bad deeds.

For example this time she may have collected more good deeds than bad deeds. She may proceed to the positive plane if she has accepted Praying to the Creator during her lifetime in examination. The positive plane is commonly known as heaven.


Positive Result and NOT Praying to the Creator Stripe

If she has a positive result but did not have the chance to accept Praying to the Creator during her lifetime, she will get a chance in another life or dimension, whereby she need not go through any examination in life.

In this life, all she needs to do is to either accept or reject Praying to the Creator. If after the abovementioned lifetime, she accepts Praying to the Creator, then she may proceed to the positive plane. If she rejects Praying to the Creator then her soul would simply be reincarnated to undergo another examination in life. Her soul would not go to the negative plane because she has done more good deeds than bad deeds.


Summary Stripe


The cycle above is what we call the Cycle of Reincarnation. It remains a vicious cycle until a soul breaks away from it by going to the positive plane.

This forms the objective of our spiritual movement; which is for us to be successful in Praying to the Creator to leave this Cycle of Reincarnation to go to the positive plane.