Pray to the Creator
the cycle


Xian Sheng

Prayer to Pray to the Creator Stripe

In the beginning of the revelation period in 1976, Xian Sheng’s astral travels were in a form of what he initially thought were dreams. He had dreams that were so real that when he woke up after a night of dreams, he felt that he hadn’t slept at all. In many of those astral travels, Xian Sheng would find himself riding on mythical animals that would bring him to tree tops, cloud tops and on top of other areas to assume a cross legged position that he realized was the posture for meditation.

Xian Sheng would later experiment on meditation by physically following the position that he found himself in during his astral travels. After six months of the revelation period in 1976, at about 3:30am during one of those meditation attempts, Xian Sheng’s soul had risen out of his body and he found himself walking along a road. He then came across a large slab of stone measuring about 11 feet high and 25 feet wide akin to a blank wall. Fiery red Chinese characters started appearing one by one on the white reflective surface of the stone slab sequentially from top to bottom. In all, 45 characters appeared and they were arranged from right to left in 9 columns as follows:

The Prayer


Xian Sheng, unable to read Chinese characters because he was educated in English, asked, “God, what is this?  I don’t understand Chinese.” A voice replied in Cantonese, “慢慢你就会明白” (Gradually you will understand). The voice then read out slowly every character in Cantonese.

It is worthy to note that the above communication was sent out telepathically by Xian Sheng, but it cannot be verified if the reply was audibly heard or telepathically received by him. Xian Sheng cannot identify any of the voices heard. He could only speculate that it could be the Holy Spirit’s voice or consciousness.

At the end of his meditation, Xian Sheng ended up with all the 45 characters and its meaning permanently stored in his audible memory. The date was 4th October 1976.
Xian Sheng was just given the 45 characters that formed our Prayer, the Prayer to Pray to the Creator.

Later the same day, Xian Sheng had to oversee a Cambridge Oral English examination as its chief invigilator. As he was unfamiliar with the Chinese characters, Xian Sheng initially sought the help of a Chinese-English bilingual teacher named Mrs. Lee that was assisting in invigilating the examination. Xian Sheng dictated all those characters that were in his memory to her.

After the initial draft, Xian Sheng continued to seek the help of other Chinese language literate persons to compare each other’s transcript. After several attempts of verifying the meaning of the words stated by them, he was able to select and confirm the characters as exactly the ones that he saw and heard.

This marked the start of our spiritual movement, the Pray to the Creator Universal Spiritual Movement endowed with our very own Prayer. Since then we have been celebrating each 4th October as our anniversary of the receipt of the Prayer.

This is the only Prayer that we use for praying to God for any occasion. The translation, given by Xian Sheng is as follows:

God the Creator of heaven and hell
The universe
The elements
All and more than that
In God’s time, all and more than that must be good
All and more than that are God’s creation
If we love God and the Holy Spirit
We know God and the Holy Spirit will love us

The English passages above are only an aid to understand the original prayer that was revealed to Xian Sheng in traditional Chinese characters with Cantonese pronunciation.

To preserve the integrity of the Prayer, we were advised by Xian Sheng not to use this or any other translation as a prayer. It is to be used in the original form; by reading and understanding the Chinese characters.

As an aid to pronounce the Chinese characters in Mandarin, we may use the Chinese character Romanization (汉语拼音文字hanyu pinyin wenzi) shown below:

Prayer in Phonetic Chinese

The Prayer explianed Stripe

The following is a brief explanation of the Prayer to Pray to the Creator.

First Column

God is the creator of heaven, hell, the plane of Nothing, all other spiritual dimensions and more than that.


Second Column

God is the creator of the universe, universes, other physical or non-physical realm or dimensions and more than that.


Third Column

God is the creator of the all the elements contained in the abovementioned universe and more than that. In classical Chinese philosophy, 金木水火土 (jīn, mù, shuǐ, huǒ, tǔ) refers to the basic elements of the universe.

“….. more than that” means that we acknowledge that there are God’s creations that are beyond our reach and comprehension.


Fourth Column

God’s time to us is essentially infinite. During this period, all of God’s creation will adhere to the divine law of nature. For example atoms and molecules follow a set behavioral pattern that allows us to meld and shape them into complex structures to serve us humans. The entire cosmos is set up with this kind of stable conditions for life like ours to exist. Such is the divine law of nature that will compel God’s creation to be good.

We are created with free will to do good or bad. The cycle of reincarnation, which is a part of the divine law of nature, will assure that the good will be rewarded and the bad will be corrected and reincarnated with a clean slate. In conditions of an infinite timeline good will prevail. Adherence to the divine law of nature will only produce a good outcome as an eventuality.


Fifth Column

Once again, “…. more than that” means that we acknowledge that there are God’s creations that are beyond our reach and comprehension.

At this point it is worthy to note that the Prayer also reveals the sequence of creation. God first created the spiritual realm, starting with the plane of Nothing. The rest of the creation comes from the plane of Nothing; heaven and hell followed by the universe, after which everything else was created.
After earth with livable condition is created, God then creates human beings to live in it, all by mere thought. There are other similar planets or realm where other intelligent beings are also undergoing the examination in life just like us.


6th to 9th Column

The 6th and 7th column repeats itself in the 8th and 9th column and it bears the meaning as translated above.

The following first three spiritual guidelines simplify what it means to love God and the Holy Spirit:

  1. Pray to the Creator with our mind, body and soul and with our analytical mind and logical thinking.
  2. Fear nothing except God.
  3. Think good, see good, hear good, speak good and do good.

By continually striving to achieve the above goals, we will learn to love God and the Holy Spirit. In return, the love that God and the Holy Spirit give us will ultimately be in the form of an afterlife in heaven.

Xian Sheng’s phrase below would assist us to reflect on the last four columns of the Prayer:

“To you God is everything, nothing and more than that,
To God you are nothing and yet everything”