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Wearing White

White Stripe

We wear white when attending our spiritual movement’s activities. It symbolizes purity, integrity and cleanliness. Wearing a same colour serves to promote and project a united front and forms an identity for our spiritual movement too.

White also symbolizes the projection of the good values that we have in our Spiritual Movement. Wearing white may not mean a person has achieved those values but it will serve as a goal for all followers to strive to achieve.

In the Chinese language, an obsequy is also known as “白事” (bái shì) meaning a white occasion. Followers and family members attending an obsequy are requested to wear white. The deceased will also be dressed in white.

Brothers and sisters who regularly attend obsequies will be imbued with a sense of recognition of our spiritual movement’s obsequy. Upon passing away, the deceased’s soul may be disorientated. However, upon seeing groups of followers dressed in white kneeling down, the soul may naturally kneel down to pray to the Creator. In this instance, the soul is evidently praying to the Creator and has probably achieved the objective of praying to the Creator with the mind, body and soul.